Few miles down the road and a few pounds lighter. {Hurrah}

Posted in Running, Training and Health. on June 16, 2011 by fellpoet1

Well after following the plan my brother set up i am glad to report a loss of 7 lbs in 9 days. I am really happy with this as it shows my routine is working. I know i always lose a lot first week so i suspect a lower decrease in future but a great start. I ‘ll be running Western States yet {Ho-Ho}.


It begins: Pain is Inevitable,Suffering is Optional.

Posted in Running, Training and Health. on June 5, 2011 by fellpoet1

Well, my training plan begins to turn me from a 266 lb blob o’lard to a 150 lb gazelle running through the landscape over hill and dale. Here is my first weeks plan:

Training plan;
MONDAY – Cycle 20 min’s, Jog 1km (any speed and low resistance)
TUESDAY – Run half a kilometre 3 times ( 5 min. rest between efforts)
WEDNESDAY – Power walk for a solid 30 min’s
THURSDAY – Cycle 20 min’s twice ( 5-10 min’s rest between efforts)
FRIDAY – Rest day
SATURDAY – Run 1.5km (any speed/time)
Daily updates about just how knackered i will be and some pictures too.

Remember Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is optional.


Monthly Training Plan.

Posted in Running, Training and Health. on May 31, 2011 by fellpoet1

I spoke to my brother who is going to put a training plan together for me. I really feel that my journey will begin from this point. Who knows how long it will take to go sub 11 hr on the Rotherham Round Race Ultra. It may never happen but it wont be for a lack of effort on my part. Run well everyone.

Run/Walk Repeat.

Posted in Running, Training and Health. on May 17, 2011 by fellpoet1

Welcome to my new Blog where i try to lose 7 stone and regain my running mojo. It’s gonna suck carrying this weight around but hey sooner i’m started. I’ll warn you now some of the posts might go off on a tangent well that’s the Bipolar at least it’s fun for you to read. Good running to you all.